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This is the online home of all graphics related to the game of chess.

Passion of chess

You probably may be wondering why in the world would people want chess graphics. Well, believe it or not, there are a lot of passionate chess players all over the planet. These people don’t just play chess. A lot of their personal communication involves chess symbology, chess characters, and chess imagery. This is precisely the community that this website caters to.

Now, you may be thinking that this community is fairly small. Well, you might be in for a surprise. In fact, you may be a member of our community, believe it or not. Why? Well, it all depends on how you express yourself.

If you are the type of person who is very logical and likes to use your power of reasoning, you probably would like to accentuate your communication online with the right graphics. As much as possible, you would like to present or frame the conversation in such a way that people are more likely to understand you. Well, one way to do this, of course, is through diagrams.

Now, if you go overboard on this, not only would you look like some sort of weird nerd or geek, but people would stand back. It’s too much. You’re trying too hard. It’s no surprise that a lot of people who go down that route are simply shut out. Instead of communicating clearly, people just look at you and just think, “What the hell happened to you?”

And this happens all the time. So you have to really come up with a happy marriage between familiar images that are not all that intimidating, while at the same time getting your message out there loud and clear.

Go overboard

This is not always a very easy territory to navigate. It’s too easy to go to one extreme or the other. And when it comes to communicating anything related to chess, it’s too easy to go overboard.

On the one end, you kind of talk in symbols and people can somewhat get what you’re trying to get across, but not quite. And eventually, if you keep going on, it starts to drag and you lose their attention. And if you keep pressing, they start thinking you’re weird. They start thinking that you may be a high level functioning autistic person. In other words, you’re making the wrong impression.

Big on emojis

On the other hand, you can be a person who is really big on emojis. You know exactly what emojis are. They’re freaking annoying. And what’s so annoying about them is that it’s not that people use them to express emotions. I get that. I understand that. I’m with the program. No problem there.

But when people try to turn it into some sort of Rosetta stone or some kind of universal Webster’s dictionary of emotional online communication, then I think that’s when we have stepped over the line from acceptable to flat out absurd and ridiculous.

It's Real!

Believe it or not, there are certain college courses where people get a grade writing papers on the social, cultural and possibly political and economic consequences of images. I kid you not. This is real. This is funded by US taxpayers and sadly, funded by the parents of the students that take those classes.

To say that modern liberal education is an overfed bureaucracy would be to put things lightly. And the emoji studies is definitely one glaring example of the abuse of academic freedom of inquiry. It’s also quite comical.


But with that said, there is such a thing as overkill. So when you’re trying to communicate complicated or hard to explain concepts that have something to do with chess or the thinking processes behind this game, you have to be very careful. And that’s why we came up with this website. We have selected all sorts of chess related images that are not overly geeky, weird or nerdy.

We’re not trying to impress people like the nerds in The Big Bang Theory who’d like to try to impress other math or science majors. They have turned it into a ritual. They have turned it into some sad and pathetic game where if you do not know some sort of obscure Star Trek reference, then you’re not a real geek.

Not too heavy

We don’t go to that level. Instead, we have collected these images that go a long way in communicating emotional states, strategic impasses, opportunities for strategic domination, and other key signals in a typical chess game without it being too heavy.

If this sounds too good to be true, well, believe us, we made it happen. It wasn’t easy, but we made it happen. Why? We felt that it needed to happen because there are just too many great chess players being marginalized, insulted or otherwise pushed to the side because people think that they just cannot communicate clearly or they’re just flat out and out weird.

Nothing weird

There’s nothing weird with being smart. There’s nothing unusual or abnormal with slicing and dicing the signals that you get from other people so you can truly understand where they’re coming from and learn about what they are about to say and what they are about based on the choice of communications they use.

Make no mistake about it, you’re always saying something about yourself to the universe. You may not be aware of it, it may seem automatic to you, it may seem like something that runs in the background, but that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Passion of chess

From your haircut to your choice of clothing, your choice of shoes or other footwear, even your cologne or your accessories, your belt, your beard if you have one, everything says something about your character, what you think, your priorities, your values, you name it. This is all expressed in your choices. And a lot of people are sloppy when it comes to that.

And when it comes to strategic communication in chess, we have assembled a wide range of graphics so people can say the right things at the right time while giving themselves options to make a countermove later on. In other words, even the graphics give you strategic choices. That’s what makes awesome chess graphics work.

Now, I wish I could tell you that we are the only website that does this. I wish I could tell you that this was an original idea, but if you do a search online, there are many websites out there. Most of them are not as deep or as wide as our collection, but they exist.

So if you are interested in any way about chess communication and you want to communicate strategic realities to other people or to your opponent, this is the place to get those graphics. Don’t be shy. Don’t hold back.

We wouldn’t mind if you just camp out and download all the graphics because these are absolutely free. They are public domain, so knock yourself out. Welcome to the club.


Upgrade Your PS4 Hard Drive with this Handy Guide

The capacity of the standard PS4 HD is 500gb. However, games can be almost 50gb for each one which makes it difficult to have more space to digitally download your games or to store them. The fantastic news is that Sony made it very simple for the average person to upgrade their PS4 hard drive. All that is required of you is a standard Phillips screw driver in addition to this ps4 HDD upgrade guide and you can get to work on it.

Upgrade of PS4 Hard Drive – These are the current PS4HD specifications that you should take note of.

2.5 Inches (The standard internal HD of laptop size will be 2.5 inches but this size can also be used by desktops.)

  • 9.5mm Size ( 9.5mm Laptop size internal HD)
  • 500gb Size (Capacity to store data)
  • 5400 RPM (The speed at which the HD operates)
  • SATA II (The speed for transferring of data)

Taking all these into consideration you should ensure that you look out for 9.5mm and 2.5 inches when you are searching for a new hard drive, or you will have to return it if it is bigger.

There are a number of PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade specifications that will enable you access a HD that is not so costly.

Size – 1TB (1000GB+) – You really should not get something between 500gb and 1 TB. A 500gb model will help you get something of the same capacity and 750gb will only help you get an extra 5 games worth of storage.

RPM – 5400 is Standard for hard drives but you should be looking out for a 7200RPM HD. The 10000RPM and 15000RPM drives cannot be accessed for 1TB yet and I wouldn’t be inclined to spend $350 on a 10000RPM drive that is only 600MB. Also note that laptops’ consumption of power increases with the RPM, since your console is connected to power, battery life shouldn’t be a problem.

SATA – SATA II has the capacity to transfer data at 3.0 gb/s and SATA III at 6.0 gb/s. if you are upgrading then what you want is a SATA III drive. SATA III is compatible with SATA II in a backwards way. (Note) It is guaranteed that the PS4 makes use of SATA II so although your drive will be a SATA III it will make use of SATA II’s speed.

What about Solid Slate Drive (SSD)? SSD is relatively new and costly to purchase. The general size capacity of available SSD drives are minute when compared to non SSD.

Can I buy an external hard drive? No! External HDs will not function on the PS4 as expected. Games cannot be played the way they are expected to. They cannot be played directly from an external hard drive.

Taking all these into consideration, there are very few options on Amazon and Newegg at the moment. The 1TB 5400RPM drive and the 500gb 7200RPM drive go for the same price as the 1TB 7200RPM drives.

HGST Travelstar 2.5-Inch 1TB Internal HD

Complies with all the RPM, Size and SATA recommendations as well as size recommendations of 9.5mm, 2.5 inches. It Customer Ratings are 123 with 4.5/5 stars.

Guide to the Best Top Rated Vlog Cameras under $200

Vlogging is just blogging on video. This trend has gained popularity due to its efficacy in making a blog popular. In the absence of a great camera, all the efforts and strategies you put into creating a very good quality video will yield no result. Certainly, no one knows the low-quality vlogs. Thus, it is an important fact to state that a cheap vlogging camera is an important tool if you plan on enjoying the success of vlogging. Cameras for vlogging come in both low and high prices. It is all dependent on your budget and how you plan on disbursing your funds. To avoid going bankrupt, you can use the best top rated vlog cameras under $200 to suit your needs.

Plenty of cameras come with plenty of amazing functionalities. For example, you may discover one with WiFi connection. Others are great at producing sharp and crispy pictures. Pixels and zooming of a vlogging camera matter a lot. As a result of this fact, when you need a camera, these are two vital features you should keep an eye for.

Are you on the lookout for the best Vlogging camera that costs less than two hundred dollars? If yes, then this primer is suitable for you. Read on…

Canon PowerShot ELPH
Apart from its stylish nature, this camera is simple to use. It has been particularly designed for a simple capture of both special memories and family fun. Slim and light, the camera has an 8x optical zoom which means you can enjoy being close to your objects in real times. The picture quality does not only enjoy high resolution but is also sharp. All that is required of you to start shooting good quality videos is to tap the highly functional dedicated movie button.

GoPro HERO Vlogging Camera
One of the best features of this camera is the fact that you will always enjoy great video quality. The camera has a diverse photo capture feature. It is rugged and waterproof in one design. Get your small camera and lightweight today to enjoy state-of-the-art functionalities.

This remarkable camera is waterproof up to 33-feet deep. It is also shockproof close to 5 feet and freeze-proof down to 14 degrees F. It has a 13.2MP CMOS sensor alongside oversized buttons and simple menus. Enjoy your full HD 1080p videos with a stereo sound.

Canon PowerShot S110
The Powershot S110 from Canon has diverse advancements such as 12.1 MP high sensitivity CMOS sensor together with a Digic 5 image processor. Share images and videos on the internet due to its embedded WiFi. Tag all your images with the GPS info recorded through your smartphone wirelessly.

The market today has a large number of Vlogging cameras. Settling for the best one can be quite a task. However, with a guide that is as effective as this, your search process for a cheap vlogging camera should be very simple. If you are in search for the best top rated vlog cameras under $200, select any of the cameras highlighted above.

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