A heat press is a machine engineered to print various designs on the clothes through heating. The heat presses are available in the market in a wide variety.  If you are planning to purchase this machine then you must look for the reviews of the various machines and then further go on to purchase the heat machine. You can check the reviews of the best heat press machines at HeatPressReview.com and choose the best one for your use.

There are many aspects that one must look for before buying the heat press machine for themselves. Some of them are given here:


The quality of the heat press matters a lot. You should pay special attention to the quality of the heat press that you are purchasing. You should look for the various elements of the heat press like:

  • The frame of the heat press – there are two kinds of frames available in the market, plastic, and steel. You can look for your own personal requirements and buy according to that. But steel is ideal for heat press. It gives you outstanding results.
  • The number of welds – the number of weld in the heat press also plays a major role. The lesser number of welds, the better is the quality of the machine. So, look for the number of welds in the machine.
  • The warranty offered by the company also matters – every company does not offer you the same warranty period. Check for the warranty provided to you and compare with others.


The manufacturer of the heat press should be reliable. You should choose the manufacturer that satisfies your requirements. The manufacturer should provide you the post-purchase services conveniently so that you don’t have to face any of the obstacles.


The temperature of the heating presses is the main element that works in the printing of the press. You need to see the various heat applications and aspects of the machines like:

  • Heating gauge: look for the temperature settings. The machine should have different heat press settings.
  • Energy consumption: the energy consumption of the different machines should also be taken into consideration. Do look for the best machine that consumes a lesser amount of energy.
  • Time: how long does the heating machine take to start the printing process. Purchase the one which takes lesser time for heating.


When the business looks forward to purchasing a heat press they mostly look for the machine that can print on standard sizes like extra large, large, medium and small. This might limit your market. So, you should consider the size that can effectively print on all the sizes including the extra-extra-large shirts. So, check out the size and invest in the right option.

Type of machine:

There are two types of heat press machines available, the swinger and the clamshell. You need to decide which one to buy based on their functioning. Both of them have a stationary bottom. The clamshell’s top opens at a certain angle while the swinger’s top opens a bit up and swings right or left during work. Also, the swinger needs almost two times the space needed by the clamshell.