This is the humble beginnings of my collection of books related to chess graphics and more importantly the references to the source of some of the pictures on the site.

Chess Graphics Bibliography

  1. J. Gizycki Scach zu allen Zeiten 1967 Stauffacher Zurich
  2. N. Giffard La fabuleuse histoire des champions d'échecs. 1978 ODIL Paris
  3. No pictures from this book but Duchamp students will not want to miss
    Ernst Strouhal Duchamps Spiel 1994 Sonderzahl Wien isbn: 3 85449 066 6
    Ernst Strouhal has also published Acht x acht 'Zum Kunst des Schachspiels' Springer isbn: 3-211-82775-7 which unfortunately I have not seen yet.

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