Music helps to soothe the soul and there are wide ranges of instruments to choose from. If you are a guitar player and want to enhance your overall performance then you can visit You will get access to a wide range of looper pedals for guitars which will help you to make your performance a piece of cake. It is very necessary to know the basic playing techniques for guitar looper.

What are the different types of pedal playing tips?

Basic Loop technique

With the help of this technique, you will be able to learn about the opening and closing of the loop on a looper pedal. If you are a beginner who is trying to know the technicalities of a guitar pedal then this technique will provide you with great help. With the help of this impeccable technique, you will be able to learn how to count beats and play them accordingly.

In this tip, all you have to do is to let the cord go through every other beat and in the end, you have to close the path of the loop so that it could play all over again. The simple steps of this technique are as follows:

  • Hit the switch of the looper pedal.
  • Strum down on the chords.
  • Count the beats and when you are done then close the loop once again.

For the beginners, it is advised to count the beats either out loud or mentally.

Strumming exercise

In this technique, all you have to do is to pluck down a chord and strum it for eight different times. This step will fetch you two bars on the loop pedal. When the second bar ends then you have to hit on to the footswitch of the looper so that the loop could end.

The basic steps of this exercise are as follows:

  • Hit the footswitch of the looper pedal and then play the tone.
  • At the beginning of the new beat and end of the last one, you are expected to close the loop by hitting the footswitch.

What is overdubbing?

Overdubbing is basically done by professional guitarists who have mastered the above two techniques and know how to perfectly end a loop while performing on a guitar. With the help of overdubbing, you could get great sound of the guitar while you play. This technique will further help you to make great records while working on a guitar pedal.

Over the internet, you can get access to various types of looper pedals which are equipped with LED’s for start, stop and recording which will help you to create great sound tunes with your guitar.

How to know when you are playing a bad loop?

One of the most important aspects of playing the right loop is to end it with perfection. On a pedal, you are expected to push twice, once at the starting of the loop and second at its ending. Thus, it is very imperative for a player to have perfect timing to end a loop or it will end sooner than it is supposed to be.