Nowadays, people use a different type of accessories for changing their entire look. In the hip-hop culture, people use grillz which is a kind of teeth jewelry, worn on the teeth. It is also known as the fronts and golds. It is made up of different materials such as gold, platinum, stainless steel and some other materials. It is also prescribed by the dentist for wearing on the top of the teeth in case of misaligned teeth and for curing the irregularity and gapping between the teeth. If in any case your teeth are damaged then you can wear it for increasing the beauty of the teeth.

What are different types of fronts?

If you are wearing the fronts then it can save your teeth from further damage and getting any kind of infection. There are different types of gold grillz used on the teeth which are-

Permanent fronts – there are many people who are interested in wearing it for a long term. So, you can wear it just like the braces. It is permanently attached with the teeth.  If you want to cover the entire set of teeth then you can wear this type of front.

Insta fronts – there are many people who don’t want to wear the teeth accessories all the time so they prefer to use the install fronts. Different metals are used in its manufacture like rose gold, 14K gold plated along with stones. You can wear them as well as remove them whenever you like.

Bottom only – it is also a kind of front which is worn on the bottom teeth. If you are wearing these fronts then it may cover the entire bottom line or may cover the front bottom line of the teeth. It is basically made up of gold but now you can buy it in different materials for increasing the beauty of your smile.

Vampire fronts – this front is designed in the shape of a vampire’s teeth. It is used as a fancy teeth accessory.  If you want to remove it then you can remove it easily and it is basically used for the themed parties in which people play different characters.

Why should you wear the fronts?

There are many reasons for wearing the fronts which are as follows:

  • It is used to make your smile different and attractive by its shiny metal. You can use it for regulating the shapes of the teeth. If your teeth are stained then you can wear it to hide all the stains and add to the beauty of the teeth. You can smile freely and feel comfortable without any hesitation.
  • The metal used in it plays an important role in maintaining the odor of your mouth. These materials remove the infection from your mouth and provide fresh breath. Bad breath can hamper your image in front of your clients and business partners. So, you can consider the metal fronts.
  • It protects your teeth from damage and getting an infection. It also works as the barriers for the microbes and allergies.