Whenever a phone makes use of a particular service for receiving or making a call, received or send a message, its IMEI number will be emitted automatically and it will be tracked through https://comorastrearuncelular.mx. Due to the fact that the service providers and police have databases with which these ID numbers are categorized under black and white lists, an owner can easily report his or her IMEI number and get it blacklisted after a theft.

Get your Android phone’s IMEI number

It is very easy to get to know the number. The fastest way you can go about doing that is by dialing *#06#, this is a command used to display the unique id. Another way you can go about finding the IMEI number is by navigating through settings and tapping about phone to check the IMEI code of your android phone. In most cases, the IMEI number can be found underneath the removable battery or the reverse side of the phone. If in any case your phone is missing, but the packaging is still in place, you are still able to locate the IMEI on the label.

Find your lost phone using the IMEI tracker App

There exist different phone finder applications made available for you on google play, such as IMEI tracker on phone location, anti-theft app, find my device, SeekDroid, find lost phone: Find My phone, and much more. Majority of these applications can be activated by SMS. let’s take a look at home for an example.

Step 1: Look up IMEI tracker google play, find IMEI tracker all phone location and anti-theft app. Make sure that you have a phone that is running on android 4.4 or perhaps a higher version if you intend on installing these applications

Step 2: After you are done with the installation, you can then run the application. Feel free to give all the necessary permissions that the application demands including course contact SMS storage and location. If by chance you need to track your phone all these permissions will be necessary in order to activate full functionality

Step 3: Click on “continue” to move on after a short commercial. This free application is an amazing one but the only issue is that you are offered ads to watch. Unfortunately, you don’t have any option to skip the ads. If the video is not loaded completely you will not be able to continue with the next step.

Step 4: Type in the IMEI number of your lost device, check your input and click on “Track”. You will be prompted with a small window offering you a list of places indicating the close proximity of your phone

Tracking your lost phone using the IMEI number is not the only function of an IMEI tracker, there are additional functions you need to have an idea about.

In order to protect your device, most definitely before the theft, it is best in you set the pin number to something that you can easily remember. Thus, you have the opportunity of controlling the lost phone by sending out corresponding codes they give out an alarm, send u reports as SMS about its real-time location, synchronize data to the device you are using and much more.