Majority of us see GPS as a device for strict navigation. Nonetheless, making use of different GPS-based apps and devices to handy finden GPS, you can employ this remarkable technology or geolocating things just as well as people.

Linked to the family

You will find yourself in certain situations when you would most definitely want to keep track of your friends and family members or perhaps let them have an idea where you are. The simplest way to go about this is using the in-built GPS in combination with the find my Phone feature (Find your phone on android Find my iPhone or iOS users) to locate just about anyone on a map. It is important you have it in mind that you most definitely need the Google ID/Apple ID to access these particular details.

If perchance, you don’t want to share your Google ID/Apple ID, you can make use of other free applications. There is an application from Life 360, Family Locator. It is a free app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It allows you to see the location of each of your family member. In addition, you can trigger the location sharing feature to automatic, for constant use. The application gives you the opportunity of chatting with others in the circle as a group or on a one-on-one basis. One other application you can try is Glympse, it is free or iOS and Android users. Its key feature is sending a ‘Glympse’ via the application together with how long it will take the person to track you.

An eye on the Old and Young

If you don’t seem to be comfortable with giving your children a phone or tracking the elderly using apps, you can make use of a small GPS tracker like LetsTrack personal or TrackID to keep an eye on them. It is priced at just about Rs 5,500 onwards, these are ready-to-use, compact GPS + GSM trackers that can be clipped onto clothing or placed in a bag.

Using any browser, you can monitor the locator o the tracker, set up safe zone (geo-fences) and receive alerts via SMS whenever the fence is breached. It is important you have it in mind that there is a subscription fee that you are expected to make monthly payments and they differ from device to device.

Find stolen vehicles

For Instance, the LetsTrack bike series is designed or strictly two-wheelers and the asking price includes the subscription for 12 months. You are provided with real-time tracking details or your vehicles together with over speeding alarms, parking notification, 24-hours location history, and mileage details. You are free to set geofences just so that your vehicle is taken outside the authorized area, you get instant notifications.

Keep the car safe

The MapmyIndia Rover 201, on the other hand, gives the opportunity of tracking your vehicle using your browser or phone in real time and gets house number-level map data for the location. In addition, you can get additional information like vehicle routes speeding, engine status and address. This waterproof tracker has a mobilizer or cutting engine power if pe4rchance the car is stolen and it has an internal battery or backup purpose. You are free to set it to notify you if your vehicle deviates from its route or over speeding, the choice is all yours.