New York Open 1998

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Jose and Mariette Cuchi, the organizers of the New York Open.

Winner GM Artashes Minasian (ARM), awaits the start of Round 8.

GM Smbat Lputian (ARM), who placed 2nd, studies his position in Round 8.

GM Kevin Spraggett (CAN), whose final score was 5.5-3.5.

GM Vadim Milov (SUI) was among the dozen players whose 6.5-2.5 scores gave them a tie for 5th-16th places.

The three top Armenians, from left to right: GMs Vladimir Akopian (tied for 3rd-4th places with 7 points), Artashes Minasian (winner, with 8 points) and Smbat Lputian (2nd place with 7.5 points).

GM Alberto David (LUX) scored 5 points.

GM Thomas Luther (GER) scored 5 points.

GM Sarunis Sulskis (LTU) was among the dozen players whose 6.5-2.5 scores gave them a tie for 5th to 16th places.

GM Igor Novikov (UKR) won his first two games, then drew sith seven consecutive opponents to finish with 5.5 points.

GM Victor Bologan (MDA) studies his game against round 8 opponent GM Aleksej Aleksandrov (BLR) who is checking out the top boards stage. Aleksandrov won the game and finished with 6.5 points, while Bologan, joint winner of the 1997 NYO, wound up with 5.5 points.

GM Alexander Onischuk (UKR) checks the score sheet, while IM Karen Asrian (ARM) rests his head in his hands, in deep concentration during their eighth round game which ended in a draw. Onischuk's final score of 6.5-2.5 left him in the crowd of players who tied for 5th-16th places.

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